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BRAVE-ish at Stephen Wise Temple

September 29, 2023 @ 6:00 pm PDT

Author of BRAVE-ish and Jewish Journal contributor, Lisa Niver, is the guest speaker during the 29th September 2023 Shabbat service at Stephen Wise Temple.

Lisa’s d’var torah


Being here in the sanctuary, I am reminded of our founder Rabbi Zeldin.

Where other people saw an empty mountain top, he imagined THIS city on the hill

sometimes called the shul with a pool.

I wonder what it was like when he decided to begin our temple.

Did he always believe it would work out? He probably did.

When most people take a first small step, to build a new synagogue, website or completely new life, it is scary.

I remember in religious school, Rabbi Zeldin taught us to open our books and read the words on the page. We were not meant to memorize the prayers, we had to see the letters in front of us.

I took away from this that we need to be present in the moment. We may be familiar with the prayer, but we need to bring all of our attention and focus.

In so many ways, I have needed to stop, breathe, and see what is in front of me.


Check out the video of the event here!

My event at Stephen Wise Temple was in the Sept 29, 2023 Jewish Journal PRINT edition p.51!

Stephen Wise Temple

Stephen Wise Temple
Los Angeles, CA United States

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