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CAREER DAY: Grab your test tubes & beakers! This week on Career Day we’re DISSECTING a career that will really SPARK your interest… teaching elementary school SCIENCE!

Lisa Niver Rajna appeared on National Television on KTLA Channel 5 on September 29, 2012, in episode 302 on Career Day. After sharing over 200 careers, Lisa is the FIRST teacher ever to appear on this show. Watch it here.


Lisa was invited on NHK the National Japanese Television News to talk about Digital E-books. Read and watch more: Click here

This Week In Travel hosted by Jen Leo, Gary Arndt & Chris Christensen

with We Said Go Travel’s Lisa and George Rajna on Episode #144 on 7/7/13. Click here to view the full show on YouTube. Talk about living in Thailand for under $50usd a day, the Independence Travel Writing Contest and WSGT’s Festival of the Pacific later in 2013.

Lisa's Weight Loss featured in print: First for Women Magazine

“Just when the caterpillar thought her world was over, she became a butterfly.”I have always felt connected to science, transformation, and especially to the process by which fuzzy caterpillars become butterflies. Butterflies and their metamorphosis were even the focus of my Bat Mitzvah speech at the age of thirteen. I just did not realize it would take me three more decades to fill my own wings!Change has been good to me. I have been evolving from having a fixed mindset to a more growth-based model, and from a heavy, single girl unsure of what to do next, to a sassy skinny married one who is a traveler, teacher, blogger, now appearing in a major women’s magazine! Read the Full Article.



“I celebrated 60 pounds of weight loss with a wedding! It all started with on online date nearly five years ago. I met George online at my heaviest of 176 pounds and at our wedding, I was 114 [pounds]. We met at 4:30 p.m. at Casa Del Mar and were still talking at 9 p.m. My favorite part was when he asked for a second date and then kissed me goodnight!  In Fiji in June 2007, after six months together, under the moonlight he asked me to join his dream and travel in Southeast Asia for one year. During our year away, I lost 60 pounds, and we got engaged underwater. After we got back, we got married where we had our first date!” Lisa Niver Rajna Photo by amy and stuart weddings


Happen Magazine: Is your love life going up in smoke?  With a shared interest in world travel, George and Lisa really hit it off on their first date — but on their otherwise-great second date, new information came forward about George’s smoking status. “On our second date, I saw one of those patches,” Niver Rajna says. “It wasn’t something we talked about, but I knew then that the smoking was more than occasional.” But because the second date was a complete success in every other way, she turned to a friend for advice. “My friend told me that smoking is a ‘deal-breaker,’ but thank goodness I didn’t listen! George quit smoking on his own and has been smoke-free almost three years. I would tell everyone who has ‘deal-breakers’ to reexamine them, because you might be throwing out the best match you could ever find.” Read more


Radio show with Robb Holloway

Talk about life on the road while at Regent Phuket Cape Panwa, Thailand. Feb 2014 Total Education Hour: International Testing Roundtable: my section starts at 27:50. Feb 24, 2012. First heard on WRCT Pittsburgh.Together Again Radio Show with Coach Marsha and Coach Jim
  •  October 13, 2011: Unusual Jobs: Five guests will discuss their unusual jobs which include a blackjack card counter, a realtor divorce specialist, a mortuary consultant who rescues failing funeral homes and a modern day version of Love Boat’s Julie.
  • September 8, 2011: Speed Dating: In the second hour three guests discuss speed dating!

Articles :  Lessons from Jobs in your 30s Lessons from Jobs in your 30s Niver Rajna discovered that she really enjoyed both traveling and working with the kids’ programs on the cruises. These experiences, plus her educational background, led her to become a science teacher and travel blogger in her 40s.”I have no regrets about taking this other path,” Niver Rajna says. “Once I decided that leaving medicine was the right choice for me, everything else fell into place. When I am teaching or traveling, I know I am in the right place doing what I am meant to be doing.” Read more…. : 15 Ways to reinvent yourself abroad

Work on a Cruise Ship

The Perks: Ever since Fantasy Island, cruise ships seem like a happy place to be. Work as a bartender as you sail across the Atlantic. You’ll be off duty and free to explore when you reach your next port. “Nearly every morning you wake up ready for a new adventure in another location with no packing or unpacking!” said Lisa Niver, a travel writer for We Said Go Travel, who worked as a Senior Assistant Cruise Director on Renaissance Cruises. Read more….

Bootsnall : Why a travel break can be your best move after all...

Lisa Niver Rajna, who runs We Said Go Travel, also went back to her job as a teacher after her career break. She loves how her experiences translate to the classroom. “The children are transfixed when I share stories and photos of our travels. For a lesson on measurement and balance scales, I showed photos of the market where people use scales from the floating market of Banjarmasin Kalimanta. … The lessons of travel have been marvelous for my students.” Read more

Meet, Plan Go National Event: Los Angeles Hosts' Career Break Fairy Tale

Taking a Chance and Saying “Yes!”When asked in the moonlight on a gorgeous beach in Fiji, “Will you go with me on my life dream and travel in South East Asia for a year?” I, of course, said “YES!” I mean after kissing all those frogs to look for my prince, what American-born girl raised on Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Snow White does not know the answer to that question! Read More

Giving Back : Donating to build a library in Bhutan!

MPG Los Angeles hosts, George and Lisa Rajna (the creators of We Said Go Travel), participate in community lives when they travel and support those in need – whether it’s Burmese refugees in Northern Thailand, the Jewish World Watch Solar Oven project to help people acquire the tools they need to improve their lives, or importing purses fabricated from local tapestries made by Kazak women to better provide for their families. The idea of sharing profits from the Meet, Plan, Go! event with others came as a natural continuation of their other works. Read more…

Everyday ways to sneak in Learning

Observation is the basis of science, so do what Rajna does when she takes her students out on a walk: ask your child to put on his imaginary detective hat and tell you everything he sees.Most adults think of science as an experiment or equation that has nothing to do with everyday life. But science is the process for figuring out how things work, explains Lisa Niver Rajna, a K-6 science teacher in Los Angeles. When you think of it that way, even a construction site can turn into a physics lesson. Read more….

PBS : Using Weather to Teach Early Science Lessons

Quoted as a Science Education Expert: Lisa Niver Rajna, a science teacher from Los Angeles, recommends “taking a photo of what you wear each Monday or the first Monday of (each) month.” Seeing the weather over longer periods of time teaches children the concept of constant change. Rajna notes that differences in outerwear choices are one of the most simple ways to show change. “For example: in September we did not need coats, but in January we wore coats and hats and took an umbrella just in case.” Rajna says, “See what interests your children. Share different types of science with your child. Talk about physics and light and taking care of our planet. Help your child become a lifelong learner.” Note any questions your child asks to help gauge their interests and then discover the answers together. Read More…