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Brave-ish Reviews

Great read about how to keep going - highly recommend

A remarkable memoir about navigating life when there is no map. A fast and enjoyable read, and a real nudge towards the benefits of trying new things which cumulatively adds up to bravery. For those of us facing landmark birthdays it is a gentle inspiration to keep living. Full disclosure- I knew the author in college but have not seen her but once in the 30+ years since. But I can say this is her true voice, and the book offers a level of authenticity and vulnerability that one rarely finds in this genre.
Sarah Fitts

Fun motivating read

Wonderful story! Very inspiring…showed it’s never to late to start over and try new things
Raymond B.

Brave-ish is an invitation to confront the unfamiliar, to discover resilience in openness.

Brave-ish by Lisa Niver is an engaging memoir that masterfully interweaves the challenging dynamics of a marriage at a crossroads with vivid accounts of solo travel and self-exploration. The narrative transports readers from the lively streets of Thailand to Fiji’s serene landscapes and into the opulent heart of Monaco, all while offering an introspective look at Niver’s personal journey.
Literary Titan

Must-Read Brave-ish Book about 50 Fearless Triumphs

Award-winning travel expert Lisa Niver’s new book, "Brave-ish", is an inspiring memoir about how she fearlessly tried 50 new things while traveling around the world - all before turning 50. The author explains that her major ah-ha moment was a bad break-up in Thailand that made her re-evaluate her life. Through the power of storytelling, Lisa’s page-turner can help you to find the courage to go after your dreams, take more risks, and don’t let anyone stop you. Highly recommended.
Liz H. Kelly

Great, fun, inspirational read

What a beautiful book. Lisa Niver had me hooked from the very beginning of Brave-ish. From her colorful explanations of the amazing places she's visited throughout the world, to her humor that had me laughing out loud at times, to her ability through her words to make me feel not so alone. The strength Lisa has shown and all that she's accomplished as given me hope that I may not be "too old" do go and explore more myself... despite my limitations and self doubt. Thanks for the uplifting, fun read 🙂

Brave = navigating life on your own terms

I really enjoyed Brave'ish -- it was inspirational and exciting. Lisa Niver is a travel writer -- so the book is set among all sorts of cool travel locations that allow you to see inspiring places around the world and to see all the cool ways that travel brings excitement and wonder to life -- new cultures, new people, new foods, plus bold activities like scuba diving, bobsledding, and swimming with sharks. But Lisa was also in a challenging relationship and finding her path to brave also meant letting go of the parts of her past that someone else had defined and finding a new path to herself that she defined -- with travel as the backdrop to self discovery and reinvention. That made the book relatable in a different and very powerful way. I like that Brave'ish is about defining what is brave for you -- now -- and what can be brave for you in the future that you build for yourself.
B. Roberts

Engaging and Entertaining Travelogue, and Inspirational for Divorced Women Everywhere

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this engaging and entertaining account of the adventures that author Lisa Niver experienced during her international travels, particularly backpacking throughout Asia, and the fears she overcame in order to experience the adventures of becoming a diver—even swimming with the sharks! Niver has inspired me to set some challenges for myself! I'd also like to say that Niver's book is also a journey of the soul, as she details the beginning, development, and dissolution of her marriage with Fred. The fact that she could emerge from that relationship without vitriol or vindictiveness directed at her former husband is a testimonial to her loving spirit. Niver simply accepts lessons learned and moves on with a life of positivity and productivity. She is a role model for divorced women everywhere. Brave-ish is definitely a book worth reading, no matter how old you are, or what your marital status is.

Inspirational read

I assumed I'd like the book, because I've followed Lisa on social media for a long time, and I always find her writing interesting. But I was not expecting to find the book as inspiring as I did. It is not a "how to" book, but rather a good source of inspiration, for anyone, but especially for women over 50. She figured out how to pick herself up, dust herself off and move forward despite everything telling her to stay put and not challenge the extents of her comfort zone. She repeatedly challenged her "Lizard Brain" and it's need to be safe and warm. As a result, she accomplished more new things in a few years than most people would in an adult lifetime. The result makes you question your own perceived limitations.

Highly recommend this book to anyone, not just travel journalists

Like the author, I'm a travel journalist so I was interested to read her book. I also have a background in psychology so I appreciated Niver's emotional journey that she explored during her journey. She was able to overcome a lot of her challenges by going outside of her comfort zone in various settings including ones related to travel or career choices. As a reader when I read about her triumphs I not only cheered for her but also felt inspired. I highly recommend this book to anyone, not just travel journalists.

Inspirational memoir of a woman's journey

This was an inspirational memoir of a woman's journey from a very low place in her life to finding her own inner strength and going on the most amazing adventures. It is easy to lose our way and as she points out is never too late to re-center ourselves. I really admire her strength, determination and grit. It also shows that even the strongest have self crippling doubt that can prevent us from living our best lives. I am very appreciative that Lisa shared her story and was able to accomplish so much after her horrible marriage and divorce.
Liz Taylor

Grabbed my attention from the moment I downloaded her book

Lisa Niver’s is any one of us as we go through life. She shares her journey that is filled with demons, health issues, insecurities, mistakes and bad judgements that help her discover within herself the determination and resilience to overcome these problems. As she sets herself on a road to recovery and self redemption from her failures and abusive marriage, Niver holds tight to her love and dream of becoming a travel writer, explorer, videographer. Her story and writing voice grabbed my attention from the moment I downloaded her book. I couldn’t put it down. I felt her frustration and her insecurity, just as I appreciated her hard work and honesty. She openly shares her faults but also how she turned them into catalysts propelling herself forward to success.

Inspirational story

This is such an inspirational story, from getting out of a toxic relationship to becoming one of the most influential travel journalists today. Lisa Niver’s story is universal and one that will stay with me for a long time.

Inspires you to take small steps to chart your own path and find change

Lisa Niver truly inspires you to take small steps to chart your own path and find change. She is resilient and has a great sense of humor. She sorts through her dramatic experience with her ex and finds her footing. When you think you are lost and cant find your way, Lisa shows you that it is okay to start slowly and just do one small thing. I would love to see more woman stand under themselves and challenge themselves the way Lisa did. Bravo.
Beth Georgia

An extraordinary woman

This book reminds me that living one’s truth is not easy or convenient. With laugh-out-loud hilarity to white knuckle moments, I loved being taken along her adventures around the globe towards happiness and self discovery. Looking forward to the next novel.
Tanya J. Saunders

A Brave and Inspiring Memoir

We live with fear but we can choose not to let fear overcome us. We can choose to be brave. We can rise to challenges thrust upon us. We can seek joy. We can try new things. This is exactly what Lisa Niver does and she shares her journey of facing fear and not letting it paralyze her. Lisa is brave and inspiring! Get a copy of her book so that you can travel the world with her and be moved by her acts of bravery, large and small.
A Reader


I am so proud of my friend Lisa — not only for writing the book but also for rising like a phoenix from the ashes. She triumphed, and that’s what the story is about. Creating the life she wants and deserves is a lesson for us all.
Laurence V. Mathews

Blending her personal journey with her extraordinary travel experiences

Blending her personal journey with her extraordinary travel experiences, Lisa Niver delivers an exceptional, inspiring memoir. Brave-ish, One Breakup, Six Continents and Feeling Fearless After Fifty chronicles her journey, including her marriage and divorce, and encourages others to bravely embrace life and venture into the unknown. Niver had never been a stranger to instability and uncertainty. Years earlier, she had given up studying medicine and a promising medical career to become an assistant preschool teacher. A couple of years later, she would walk away from seven years of travel and working on cruise ships, and return to teaching. Such courageous risks mark her remarkable life which includes her adventures across the globe. Though she encounters many hardships, her journey is also full of fun, joy, and hope.

This awe-inspiring work offers readers the chance to go on exciting travels without having to leave the comfort of their homes. In her book, Niver offers more than a travelogue. She provides a raw, honest glimpse into her experiences, including the immense challenges she faced and the beautiful, life-changing encounters she had. She talks about the physical and emotional trauma she suffered from her marriage and encourages readers to move forward and not allow similar struggles to hinder them from pursuing their dreams. I found her zest for life inspiring and was encouraged by her ability to face both small and great risks. Her journey is captivating and along the way she meets various interesting characters. Brave-ish, One Breakup, Six Continents and Feeling Fearless After Fifty is a heartfelt, must-read memoir told with wit, honesty, and heart.
Edith Wairimu

Brave + Inspiring. A great read for solo travelers, aspiring travel writers, & timid travelers.

Lisa Niver makes the extraordinary relatable. Her voice is that of a friend you haven’t spoken with for ages. She’s made the bad choices and ignored the signs that so many of us do – you know, the ones that, in hindsight, were so strong that they might as well have been flashing neon signs – and come out stronger with an inspiring story to tell. Niver’s book inspires more than emotional strength and perseverance; as a travelogue should, it filled me with more wanderlust and a new list of places to put on my travel bucket list. I’ve been through bad relationships and ignored the flashing neon signs myself. I also started dipping my toes into the travel writing waters in my 40s, so I found Niver’s story extra encouraging.
Melissa Peterson

Brava: How to be brave

There is nothing ish about it!!! Lisa Niver's Brave-ish is simply brave. Niver’s writing draws you in as a co-traveler. Experience the challenges and joys life might bring us. Gain insight into the dynamics of happiness, anger, sadness, fear, and excitement of one life lived as a survivor and thriver. Yes. Lisa Niver has written a compelling memoir of her lived experiences and generously shares her life lessons with anyone brave- ish enough to read, reflect and let it in. I am glad I did.

Brave-ish was relatable and inspirational

Like Lisa I was married to a "bad" guy. Reading her accounts where she describes why she stayed in the marriage, when to an outsider the decision to leave would seem clear, or her hope that Fred would change and ultimately her brave choice to leave and put her safety physically and emotionally first, were so relatable, i felt at times like I wanted to compare notes. For those of us who have endured years of abuse by our husbands, it always feels fantastic knowing we aren't alone. Thank you Lisa for making me feel a lot less alone today. What Lisa has accomplished since she was kicked (literally and metaphorically) is really unbelievable. She did it all with a spirit of strength and resilience. Way to go Lisa! I am a founder and member of a singles support group in Marin County. I have recommended Lisa's book to our group as a great easy and fast paced read that will inspire all of us to get back on our feet and live la vida loca (the crazy life of doing wild and crazy things that make you cool).

Inspirational and Fun Read

I read Lisa's book in 2 days! She is my hero! She has done so much in such a short amount of time and has inspired me to want to do more for myself. Being defined by other people is not the path to happiness but being true to yourself and really accepting yourself is the start. Lisa shows us that getting out of your comfort zone, even if it is as small as opening the space between your clasped hands, is worth the risk. And, it's wonderful to see it's never too late to start being a little "Brave-ish"."

What an adventure!

This book is truly inspiring. It follows the author, Lisa, on both her literal travels and adventures as well as her inner journey as she finds herself, her “brave”, and her belief in herself. Definitely worth a read.


Lisa Niver did a fabulous job describing her journey to where she is now. Brave-ish tells her story of overcoming many obstacles and challenges while learning about herself along the way. I found this book to be incredibly inspirational, and a must read for everyone.


This is a beautiful journey. So heartwarming and inspiring. Lisa Niver is vulnerable and insightful through her hardship and ultimately finding "herself". I loved every chapter!
Cindy T Chung

Journey with Lisa!

I so enjoyed Niver’s book! So readable and I really wished I could have hugged her several times. I loved how she wove her seeing and swimming issues together throughout her life. She was like like a Phoenix in each painful iteration.

Highly recommended for anyone facing tough decisions, especially midlife, who wants to come out on the other side as wiser and more adventurous!
A. B. White

Woman, hear me roar!

I met Lisa many years ago as we worked together on a children's television show. I read her book late into the night as I couldn't wait to see what was the next adventure she would take on. She is brave, plucky and smart and funny and has a beautiful soul. I am blessed to have met her. If you're stuck or afraid, don't be. Adventures await around every corner waiting on you to grab hold!

Beyond Brave

Lisa’s is a story of recognizing and accepting that a major life change is needed, then let’s go, heals and excels in so many endeavors. Epically inspiring- couldn’t put it down.
Debra Sarokin

Amazing story!

This book was impossible to put down! I related to her story on so many levels. Lisa Niver is an incredible storyteller. I cannot wait to share this with my book club!
Amazon Customer


Could rename this Fearless- Lisa Niver engages us on quite an adventure all while uplifting our spirits with her resilience and humor.

Great book!

I couldn't put the book down!
Sarah Cohen Gotlieb

A Must Read!!

This book will take you on Lisa's incredible journey! There are laughs and tears but most of all a book written from the heart. I wasn't able to put it down . Fascinating twists and turns but an honest and real look at relationships, challenges and adventures. This is the second book I've read from Lisa Niver! I'm already looking forward to the 3rd!

Powerful ending!!

I just finished the book, absolutely wonderful!! The ending is really powerful and moving, an authentic book that reads very well.

Loved this book!

Niver’s book has inspired me to be more Brave-ish in my everyday life. I consider myself a well-traveled person but after reading about her travel adventures I have added more items to my bucket list. I think this would be a great read for book clubs.
Jennifer Zepernick

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