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Travelers’ Century Club


From the Travelers Century Club Roster: “Membership in the Travelers’ Century Club is limited to those who have visited one hundred or more countries of the world.”Started in Los Angeles is 1954, the motto of the Club is
“World Travel…the passport to Peace through Understanding.”

Mr. E. C. Daniels, Assistant Manager of the New York Times (1958):

“If there is left in the world any hope whatsoever that man can live in peace, despite the terrible weapons they have created to destroy each other, that hope lies in a better understanding among peoples. Understanding isn’t possible without extensive personal contacts. Personal contact can only be made by traveling.”

As of January 2012, the Club lists 321 countries.
For Lisa, latest travels: Colombia (Dec 2010), Taiwan (April 2011), Samoa and Tonga (Summer 2011) –108 countries
For George, the 4 above plus Grand Cayman (Dec 2011) and Jamaica (Dec 2011)–105 countries

More about Travelers’ Century Club:¬†click here
You can apply to be a provisional member after you have been to 75 countries.

December 2011 Traveler’s Century Club


Joan Schwarz, Pam Barrus (VP TCC), Lee Abbamonte (301 countries), and Lisa & George Rajna
at Lawry’s Los Angeles for December 2011 Traveler’s Century Club Meeting