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WIRED: “8 Useful iPhone Tips for Ex-Android Users” Oct 18, 2021

Ms. Magazine:

American Airlines Tech Moguls Hit The Slopes Jan 2019 page 28

enRoute Air Canada Magazine: Connect the Bots! Robots and Artificial Intelligence in Hotels

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Working with LG G4, V20, v30, V40

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Nokia News


Nokia: Sharing Our Lumia 925 Photos

In Nokia’s News!

Chevy Volt

ANA X prize

The AT&T Shape event I mentioned and my stories from 2017 and 2018 on the Warner Brothers lot!
Here is my 2018 article/video

2017 event/video:

I met the man from this article at the ATT DevLabs Event–My editor took out the name of the conference but it was part of ATT SHAPE as well:

Jerald, who wrote The VR Book: Human-Centered Design for Virtual Reality, defined VR at a recent workshop that as “a computer-generated digital environment that can be experienced and interacted with as if that environment was real.” He also spoke of it as an empathy machine. “We have the opportunity,” Jerald hopes, “to create and experience new worlds and change the real world.”