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Articles By Lisa

Written by Lisa in Wharton Business Magazine, USA Today, SheKnows Experts,, National Geographic Intelligent Traveler, Purple Clover, Whole Life Magazine, The Guardian, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Impatient Optimists, and the Huffington Post. More articles: Touriosity,  Travel Longer, The Myanmar Times, Jewish Journal, Johnny Jet, Los Angeles Mom Magazine, Dave’s Travel Corner, the PlanetD,, Westside Today, and Women’s Adventure Magazine.

Lisa Ellen Niver is a contributor to USA Today 10best about Los Angeles and the whole world.

Lisa was invited to write for Wharton Business Magazine

Lisa was invited to write for Wharton Business Magazine. Her first article was Content Marketing is Conquering Your Customers. Her second article,Harnessing the Power of YouTube Marketing,  was the most popular post on the site for seven days.

Her 3rd Post: How Empire Avenue Taught Me to Brandish My Gaming Badges had a tweet with a 4.1million reach! TWEET: “Why Lisa Ellen Niver C’89 (@wesaidgotravel) is now a believer in gamification and badges.

Dec 2015 about Israel: Seeing the StartUp Nation Firsthand

August 2015: Being a Social Influencer Means a Road Trip?

July 2015: Putting People into the Social media strategy

March 2015: Make Study Abroad an Educational Imperative

Whole Life Magazine: How I Stopped Binge Eating

Medium: Are Long Term Relationships the Key to Funding?

“Five years ago, Apple’s App store opened, Kindle was brand-new, Skype was not yet a verb, and my then-boyfriend/now-husband George and I flew to Tahiti to start a one-year sabbatical adventure. I chose to leap for love and was unsure how a year on the road would play out. George and I met online and had an instant connection, in no small part due to a mutual passion for exotic travel. George said very early on in an email exchange, “We will at least be friends,” knowing that he had found a kindred spirit of wanderlust.” Read the full article.

To kick off our year-long trek through Southeast Asia, my husband and I spent two months exploring the Indonesian island of Bali with no set itinerary. While in the town of Ubud, home of the Balinese royal family, we saw that the Puri Agung Ubud were building a bade (cremation tower) and an enormous twenty-foot papiermâché bull for a cremation ceremony for Prince Tjokorda Putra Dharma Yudha, so we decided to attend.

Read the full article on National Geographic.

The Guardian Travel Section

Thank you to Gemma Bowes from The Guardian Travel Section for including us in the article, “Backpacking: a guide to classic and new must-do experiences.” Our top picks include:

India: “ for quieter, lovelier sands, at Kudlee Beach, Om Beach.”

Mongolia: “multi-day trips by van into the Gobi Desert.”

Nepal: “Sarangkot, Pokhara, in Nepal offers parahawking

Samoa: “Seeing sunrise at Falealupo, Samoa in the South Pacific.”

Lisa’s article in print in the Myanmar Times

About the famous leg rowers and Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda Festival, one of the largest Buddhist celebrations in the country.

THE STORY: I did not realise that our hotel, the Golden Empress, would be located on a corner in the town of Nyaungshwe that would offer us a great view of the procession. Our seats on the second-floor balcony made me feel like Katie Couric at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. There was literally not a better seat in the country to see the golden Buddha images pass through the final tower on the way to the monastery for their three nights of rest.


Lisa’s article, “Teachers Need A Village” about Teachers, Global Education and the Los Angeles Science Teachers Network. “I have learned that teachers might as well be Olympians: Our work, like a competitive sport, is a “live performance under pressure,” as the author Tony Wagner puts it.” Read the Full Article.



“My journeys have always included my curiosity for the people and culture of a location and my favorite thing is to see a festival and be able to share in local traditions.

National Geographic noted in its Jan/Feb 2011 magazine that “Burma is among the world’s most beguiling destinations,” and I agreeI was first in Burma in 2001 when I worked for Renaissance Cruises and as I watched the sun set over Shwedagon Pagoda, I knew I would be back.”

Huff Post WORLD: Revolution 2020: Does Life Imitate Art?
Huff Post: Regrets? Are You Living Your BEST Life?


I wanted to be an intrepid traveler and young at heart but turning 45 made me wonder: “Am I too old for adventure? Do I need to get off the road and settle down? What will the next five years bring?” Read the full article here.

  • Five Savvy Reads that feel like traveling including The Newlyweds, Cloak, Then Came You, American Dervish and Letter from a Stranger.
  • Vietnam: Where is the Ho Chi Minh Trail?  Ever wondered why the United States was bombing Cambodia and Laos if we were in a war with Viet Nam? Learn a bit of geography and history while traveling with Lisa.


  •  Kailua Beach a Tropical Oasis on Oahu Why does President Obama take his vacation in Kailua in Hawaii? Because it is amazing! See the sights with Lisa and George.
  • Wandering Waikiki:  Thanks to Will for sharing all the best spots of Waikiki with us-Join us for our hike, snorkel and our day of what you would do if you were a local in Oahu.
  • Pearl Harbor: A Day to Remember. If you have not been yet to the Memorial at Pearl Harbor, move it to the top of your list.  Lisa and George share stories and video to inspire you.
  • Five Savvy Reads that feel like traveling including The Newlyweds, Cloak, Then Came You, American Dervish and Letter from a Stranger.
  • Vietnam: Where is the Ho Chi Minh Trail?  Ever wondered why the United States was bombing Cambodia and Laos if we were in a war with Viet Nam? Learn a bit of geography and history while traveling with Lisa.

Taiwan: Many of my trips involve searching, sometimes for an interesting place or festival but sometimes the journey leads inward. Read more…

When I travel, I imagine that I am talking to strangers from a different culture and that I witness different lives to learn about those same lives, but in reality I always reach hidden treasures; insights into my own reality and dreams. Sometimes the action of travel teaches me about myself: Read more….


Lisa and George have written dozens of articles on in the travel, lifestyle, video, and family sections since September 2010.Please use this link to see a list of all their articles.


From my March 2011 column(first of many pieces) on theJewish Journal: “The upcoming holiday of Purim and the story of Esther remind me to reveal myself and take off my mask….This holiday celebration includes being confused about good and evil. This shadow between good and evil and the line of intentions and when they become actions informs some of my travels and decisions. Read more


More from my column,  “I went to the woods because I wanted to live deliberately, I wanted to live deep and suck out all the marrow of life, to put to rout all that was not life and not when I had come to die Discover that I had not lived.” Henry David Thoreau
Not all of us can make a commitment to nature like Henry David Thoreau to go live on Walden Pond, but we do not have to go to such lengths to inspire our children to love nature. By creating wonder and a connection to the environment we can all protect our planet. Read more

Lisa is a Penn Grad and has been writing for the alumni blog! She was recently awarded: Most Enthusiastic Alumni Posts!